​The #1 Billings, Montana Compassionate, expert addiction treatment & Rehab for professionals & motivated adults pursuing recovery


Seeking treatment for addiction is challenging for many people with careers, responsibilities, and professional reputation. That’s why we’ve made it possible for everyone to receive good treatment in a discreet, safe, and highly supportive environment. Our approach includes motivating people with addictions to take a proactive approach to recovery and consequently restore their lives and their livelihood in ​Billings, Montana​​​. Our approach aims for life long recovery without instances of a relapse, which are often triggered by an emotional vulnerability.

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The team at Addiction Treatment ​Billings, Montana is lead by Dr. Joseph G. Cross, a nationally renowned addiction expert who, to his credit,  has helped hundreds of people overcome addictions. He’s also helped people with various disorders who thank him for leading a healthy life today. We take a comprehensive, evidence-based approach to addiction treatment. Our experience shows that by healing the mind and body with therapy and medication it helps rid the spirit of negativity, which goes on to help a person stay away from destructive habits.  

​The #1 Billings, Montana Compassionate, expert addiction treatment for professionals and motivated adults pursuing recovery

University hospital aligned

We collaborate with the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine which gives patients who suffer from complex health problems access to a broader pool of medical professionals. As a top-ranked institution, people have access to some of the best and most diverse specialists in the field, something which has proven to be highly effective at treating long-term addictions.

​The #1 Billings, Montana Compassionate, expert addiction treatment for professionals and motivated adults pursuing recovery

​Unsurpassed Expertise

Our team includes people who are board-certified psychiatrists, nurses, therapists, and physicians, all of whom specialize in addiction medicine. Almost no other addiction center has this many experts under one roof, with seasoned physicians always on-site to provide individualized treatment.

​The #1 Billings, Montana Compassionate, expert addiction treatment for professionals and motivated adults pursuing recovery


The average age of those seeking treatment is 45, many of whom have established careers. We’ve created a highly supportive yet discreet environment where professionals can recover among other people just like them. So, each person can relate to the challenge others are facing and offer support when needed. Plus, many people who recover continue to keep in touch long after they have been treated. So, in a way our center helps forge healthy relationships, which are crucial to preventing relapse.

​The #1 Billings, Montana Compassionate, expert addiction treatment for professionals and motivated adults pursuing recovery

​Restoring Professional Lives

We have a lot of experience working with insurance companies, state boards, licensing bodies and employers alike. Regardless of the nature of your issue, we can work with the respective organization to ensure that you receive the treatment required to make a full recovery and transition back to normal life. Whether you’re an attorney, nurse, athlete, pilot, dentist or a high-level executive, we don’t discriminate in the way you are treated, but if required, we keep your treatment confidential.


​​WE take​ an evidence-based approach to addiction treatment based on a chronic disease management model. We offer an intensity, duration, and quality of care that is proven to lead to better outcomes.


Evaluation & Assessment

The goal of our comprehensive intake assessment system is to get right to the root of the problem. It helps us discover often hidden triggers which we can then work on eliminating. Our evaluation encompasses your medical history, history of substance abuse, its pattern, genetic testing, and personality traits. All of this information is then used to come up with a highly individualized treatment plan to ensure permanent treatment.

Drug & Alcohol Detox

Our detox is medically supervised, 100% safe, and available for both severe inpatient and outpatient cases. A thorough detox is the first step to getting clean. That’s why we make sure that the detox is safe and yet highly effective.

Partial Hospitalization

The Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) is meant to offer rigorous substance abuse treatment while allowing them (the patients) to return home for the night.

Intensive Outpatient Program

The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is available both during the day and in the evening. Though regardless of the time of day, we guarantee a comfortable and often convenient location for treatment.

​Independent Living

Our independent living system offers patients a highly structured and nurturing environment imperative to a full recovery. The goal is to help prepare them (patients) for life after rehab, which for many people can be challenging if it isn’t built into a structured program.