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​Pilots hold a huge volume of tension in their careers, as they are responsible for the income as well as safety and security of numerous plane travelers everyday. This high-stress posture can lead any airline company captain to cultivate a reliance on liquor, drugs, or prescription medicines as a means to deal or even loosen up that essentially threats their profession, their life, as well as the lives of everyone onboard their plane ​Billings, MT.

​Our objective at Our Institute's reduced aviator plan is actually to aid our individuals go back to their aircrafts in the ideal means possible after supporting coming from substance addiction and also finishing treatment. The overarching objective of procedure is to get the aviator into a stable rehabilitation, with a suggestion from the managing doctor that she or he is ready for come back to air travel standing. Depending on to the HIMS specs, after therapy at a drug rehab for captains, all flies and also sky traffic operators are tested for drugs and alcohol randomly to guarantee sobriety servicing.

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​Addiction Treatment For Pilots ​Billings, MT

​PSI's medication rehab for aviators complies with and also goes over the requirements describes through HIMS. Our team work closely with Aviation Medical Examiner (AME), that is called for due to the FAA to collaborate the re-certification ​Billings, MT method. Our experts likewise operate carefully along with the "peer flies" plan to work with continuing care, relapse deterrence, and also to combine any sort of certain therapy referrals right into the personal recovery strategy.